Fxwintrades was originally founded by Mateo Almozlino as a yahoo group based on the idea of providing timely forex trading information to a wide audience.

Mateo has 29 years experience in commodities, futures and equities trading. He has concentrated his efforts on forex since 1997, and he has developed the Matsys program trading systems over the past 8 years. Flemming Schultze, worked for IBM for 30 years of which the last 11 years as a network business architect.

Together they have developed the business concept of fxwintrades based on using computers and the Internet to automate service delivery to the advantage of the clients by delivering a superb service at very competitive subscription rates. We ask our subscribers to help us maintain it this way by exclusively using email to communicate with us. We will of course provide personal contact information to our managed account clients.

Gercek O.Oy, graduated from Yeditepe and Bahcesehir University. He has a strong background in marketing and financial analysis. Gercek has been actively trading in the equity and forex markets since 2010. Mr. Gercek joins Fxwintrades as trader and Marketing Manager .

Phillip Benjamin Fischer, graduated from University of Boston School of Management, Bachelor of Business Administration.He has licenses on Series 7. He worked as Research Asistant at Platinum Partners . Mr Philip joins Fxwintrades as research assitant and software developmant IT.


We thank you for your interest in fxwintrades, and we wish you welcome to our website

Fxwintrades is a wholly owned subsidiary of MAP Trading llc